Acrylic Division

Our Acrylic Division uses the latest CNC Routing, polishing equipment and moulding to ensure a professional finish, that is attainable only by highly skilled individuals.We are able to fabricate your ideas to the smallest details,giving your product a more personalized touch.

Carpentry Division

The Carpentry Division offers all custom-made services. With many years of experience in construction and installation, our carpenters deliver the highest quality possible with guaranteed professional service.

Metal Division

The Metal Division is well-equipped to handle virtually every requirement for the fabrication of sheet metal rapid prototypes into complex components.Whether it's a one up prototype, a fine precision display unit or a production run of stamped, sheared, formed parts; our sheet metal department can satisfy your requirements.

Printing Division

Our Printing Division is an organization of creative, hard-working craftspeople that offers all kinds of in-house graphic design services. We are equipped with modern printing machines which allow us to produce quality processed color work, from the simplest to most complicated form of digital print.

Paint Division

Our Paint Division is one of the the best in the industry. Each project is assessed and staffed by the painter that best fits the needs of the job. The department consists of a high grade spray booth at our facilityWith meticulous performance and attention to detail, the job will be completed to your satisfaction.